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➨ From the scale of living bodies, to landmasses, and even on a planetary one – our world is saturated with processes and relations that are exhausting. This exhaustion is consequential; we glamorise producing but overlook the exhaustion and even fatigue that might follow it. The social and political pressure on maintaining a constant production comes at a price: perpetual work, overproduction, and as a result, consuming precarious bodies and other planetary resources.

➧ In addition to this perpetual exhaustion as a result of (over)productivity, exhaustion comes as a consequence of unjust sociopolitical and economic orders that prioritise it. It is for these reasons that ideas and practices of ‘comfort’ are crucial in imagining a different future world. We feel the need to investigate comfort in a way that goes beyond constructed and capitalist ideas; comfort is more than just the process of rejuvenation for the purpose of maintaining a certain level of productivity. Therefore, imagining other conceptions of comfort means imagining different sociopolitical orders and ways of performing in the world; it is a practice with political urgency.

➠ Both exhaustion and ‘comfort’ can be understood as states, performances, landscapes, and conditions that constantly shape our understandings of the world around us – they all influence the ways in which we inhabit, and make space in it.

➟ Within this world, ‘home’ is a locus of various dimensions of living practices. On the one hand home is a space of production of work, experiencing exhaustion and fatigue, and resting of the (tired) bodies. On the other hand home stands for ideas and forms of inhabiting the world. In short, home can be seen as a landscape where exhaustion and comfort are entangled together.

➞ The collective project Fictioning Comfort includes works that take an urgent socio-political stance by fictioning ideas and practices of ‘comfort’. This is done by way of spatial installation, body performance, historical research, science fiction, image making, resource redistribution, extending kinships, and humor.

➛ ➜ ➔ ➝ ➞ ➟ ➠ ➧ ➨ The online part of Fictioning Comfort is on view at MAMA's Showroom until 13 September, 2020.


➨ Van levende lichamen tot landmassa’s en zelfs op lanetaire schaal: onze wereld is doordrenkt van processen en relaties die uitputten. We aanbidden het produceren, maar zien de uitputting en vermoeidheid die hierop volgt over het hoofd. De sociale en politieke druk om continu productief te zijn heeft een prijs: een nooit aflatende stroom werk én overproductie, met als resultaat de consumptie van gevoelige lichamen en allerlei andere middelen.

➧ Naast deze voortdurende uitputting als gevolg van (over)productiviteit, is uitputting ook een gevolg van onrechtvaardige sociaal-politieke en economische structuren die productiviteit altijd bovenaan plaatsen. Het is om deze redenen dat ideeën en gebruiken rondom ‘comfort’ cruciaal zijn bij het verbeelden van een alternatieve toekomst. Wij voelen de behoefte om het begrip comfort te verkennen op een manier die verder gaat dan kunstmatige (kapitalistische) ideeën; comfort is meer dan alleen een herstelproces met als doel het behouden van een bepaald productiviteitsniveau. Het verbeelden van andere opvattingen over comfort betekent het verbeelden van andere sociopolitieke leefregels en manieren om ons tot de wereld te verhouden; het is een handeling met politieke urgentie.

➠ Zowel uitputting als comfort kunnen begrepen worden als toestanden, performatieve handelingen, landschappen en condities die ons begrip van de wereld voortdurend vormen – ze beïnvloeden de manier waarop we leven en onze leefomgeving vormgeven.

➟ Binnen deze omgeving vormt ‘thuis’ de plek waar verschillende vormen van leven samenkomen. Enerzijds vormt het thuis een ruimte voor de productie van werk en de rust van (vermoeide) lichamen. Aan de andere kant staat thuis voor ideeën en manieren om je tot de wereld te verhouden. Kortom, thuis kan worden gezien als een omgeving waar uitputting en comfort met elkaar vervlochten zijn.

➞ Het collectieve project Fictioning Comfort bevat werken die een maatschappijkritische positie innemen door ‘fictioning’ (de handeling van verbeelden en uitbeelden) in relatie te brengen met verschillende gebruiken rondom ‘comfort’. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van verschillende media, waaronder ruimtelijke installaties, performance, historisch onderzoek, science fiction, beeldproductie, de herverdeling van middelen, het aangaan van nieuwe verwantschappen en humor.

➛ ➜ ➔ ➝ ➞ ➟ ➠ ➧ ➨ Het offline gedeelte van Fictioning Comfort is te bezoeken in MAMA Showroom tot September 13, 2020.

Desire digests what moves it
Eyn Eyn Eyn Stories
So Many Diamonds, So Little Time
Comfort People Safety Curtain
Pocket Book Series
Parable of sugar: By the waters of Babylon
anonymous(?) correspondence bike messenger round project roffa
1st round 9 June Tuesday

Drop (All): Introduction envelope, containing two articles, a drawing, an introduction and orange blossom leaves, from G and A

G & A

Not home, delivered

19:40 -21:00ish
Gave address of S
Cushions on Friday?

Home, no chat

Home, quick chat
‘Tell C I’ll be over in 15-20 min’

Proposed to stop by F , gives address
Shares coconut water

~ 30 minute delay for ferry ~

Added: F
22:10 - 22:20
Pick: zine from WK collective

H, Y
Home, no chat

Not home, delivered

Home, quick chat

Not home, delivered

N , P
Not home, delivered

Y was there, envelope given, shared wine
P: Three of us produced together 5 care packages (one for G and A, one for F, one for C, others TBD)
P: Y gave clay cigarette holder to be given to A

Not home, delivered (did not attempt bell)

Extra + > went to S : )
Extra + > went to F : )

2nd round 12 June Friday

~ O walked in on T while photographing Care Packages from A and commented “woowww so we're running out of toilet paper and you’re up here drawing on them all…”
O was given 1 Care Package.

Drop (All): Envelope with zine, drawing and sheet, from G and A
Drop (partial): Be messenger zine from T
Bag: Zine (F for Whoever)

G & A
Drop: 1 Care Package from A
T tensioned chain before leaving

S Forgot to drop envelope, re-do Tue

^^^ N
Not home, delivered to housemate

Gave nuts and cranberries in tupperware, insisted i keep
D: T Zine
D: 1 Care Package from A

asked where zine should go, said wherever
D: 1 Care Package from A

Y, H
21:30 - 22:30
A also there, we share tea. Suggested a walk to find snails in the park. Person on street asked if we lost something, Y attempted to describe Snails with their body. Person said we had to look in trees. We found 3 snails by the bushes instead and put inside tupperware from C
D: T Zine (2)
P: Snails (for whoever accepts)
P: Drawing and duck in envelope (H for next)
P: Drawing roll (Y for whoever) - Also gave roll to hold in
P: 5 drawing notes (A for whoever, 3 snails note for an Iranian)
Suggestion to add A

22:40 - 00:00
Pouring rain as soon as inside, T is also there. Snails refused.
D: T Zine
D: cigarette holder from Y “No Message”
D: 2 drawing letters (A)
P: Joint (S)
P: Condom (C)
P: Whiteout (TBD)
P: Bow (TBD)
P: Tape (S)
P: Binders (G & A)
P: Green pencil sharpener (A)
P: iPhone finger holder (Y)
P: Rubber hand (M)
P: Red pencil sharpener (S)

~ still pouring rain
S not home, brother answers door. Snails refused.
D: T Zine
D: Joint (A)
D: Pencil sharpener shaped like gun (A)

~ still pouring rain
S asleep, housemate A shouts from upstairs window, offers beer. Snails refused.
D: Drawing roll (Y)
D: Tape (A)

~ was at Y and Hs

N , P
~ still pouring rain, cycling while drinking beer from A
00:20 - 1:35
Snails accepted with enthusiasm, and are fed. Snails begin to have sex? Make shift terrarium conceptulized. Beers are shared.
D: 3 live snails, and tupperware (Y, A, C)
D: T Zine
D: 1 Drawing letter of 3 snails (A, for Iranian)
D: 1 Care Package from A
P: Shells from Hormuz (N)
P: Ceramics (P)

Return to DISPATCH
1:45 - 3:30
A is asleep. T and G share pizza and wine.
D: Cushion (M) - note was lost
D: 1 Drawing letter (A)

~ fell asleep, delivered the following evening
22:00 - 2:00
Beers shared.
D: T Zine
D: Zine (F)
P: Instructions pamphlet (M- T suggested)
P: Poems from exhausted Shenzen worker (A) - needs yellow paper to print, agreed to D: paper, pick copy of zine

3rd round 16 June Tuesday

Print: 8 Messenger zines (1 T, 1 S, 6 Cycle)
In Bag:
Drawing and rubber duck (H) -> M
Whiteout (A) -> A
Bow (A)
Drawing letter (2) (A)
Post it note (Unknown)

Drop (All): Envelope with two zines

G & A
D: Binders (A)
P: Yellow paper (A)

D: Yellow paper (Dispatch) — did not need actually
P: Zine (A)
P: Zine (T) + 1 extra (archive)
P: Scan of instruction pamphlet (archive)
T had flat tire, borrowed pump from A to inflate

C was there, we all chatted
P: Cushions (all 20)
P: cushions prompt (put into roll from Y)
P: baked bread with pattern and note (G and A)
D: Instructions pamplet (A)
D: Rubber hand (A)
D: Drawing and rubber duck (H)
D: Mashi Sage (A)
D: Yellow papers (Dispatch)
PN: cushions (2) for post

D: T Zine
not home
DN: cushion

D: cushion (grey)
D: T Zine

D: cushion (blue)
D: T Zine (2)
Home, brief chat

P: mini single serve coffee, with filter (T)
P: silk chop sticks covers (A)
D: cushion (pink)
D: Condom (A)
was on skype with michele, michele introduced to T

D: Cushion (orange)
D: T Zine

Y, H
Neither home, but A is there, and is the person who was suggested to be added— brief chat
D: extra envelope
D: cushions (grey & green/grey)
P: clay spoon, with instruction "give to a woman, no actually, give to a MAN"

D: Zine (A)
D: silk chop stick covers (C)
D: cushion (blue)
PN: Patches
T shows A hole in bottom of shorts which A will custom make a patch for
A and T shout goodbye to T from their window as T cycles away

S again not home, but brother is there— brief chat, and gifts T a beer for the road
D: cushion (pink)
P: Letter and envelope (G and A)

Not home
D: T Zine
DN: cushion

N , P
D: cushions (green/grey & grey)
D: clay spoon (A, given to P)
PN: peices of broken cermaic plate
2 snails have been released into the park after P had observed that they had a conflict with each other, 1 snail has escaped and is somewhere still to be found within the apartment
shared tea

Y was there, beers shared
D: phone ring (A, for Y)
P: medical face masks (5, from Y for whomever— envelope must be returned to A)
P: 5 bags of seeds with farsi descriptions (from A, for whomever appreciates plants)
P: Two spindles thread (A, from A)
D: Green pencil sharpener (A for A)
D: cushion (pink)

D: cushion (blue)
1:00 - A asleep, someone working in publication studio, T knocks on window to motion to leave cushion for A. Person slightly started, but takes cushion and envelope to leave on table.
(Next day Y assumes cushion was left for her, clarification made via T and M)

1:15- very late return, drop and go
D: Bread (M)
D: Letter (S)
P: homemade Roti (T, from A)

4th round 19 June Friday

~ canceled due to sickness and exhaustion ~

5th round 23 June Tuesday

In Bag:
5 bags of seeds (A for whomever)
5 medical masks (Y for whomever)
1 note (A)
~ cushions rotation ~
Fresh cut herbs, Sage, Rosemary, Mint (From T for whomever)
tea pack (Dispatch: 14 - anyone)
plant roots (Dispatch: 8 anyone)

G & A
D: herbs
D: seeds
P: zine and note (G for S)
P: extra herbs

6:10 - 6:35
ventured in shared rear garden to find some herbs
D: 1 plant root, 1 tea, 1 seed, 1 herb
P: 5 mint, 1 edible flower, 4 fresh raspberries
P: book on Taoism, in Greek (with note inside that 'sender does not necessarily agree with contents'

* Z
quick chat in street
D: extra envelope
D: 2 herbs

A (away)
D: 1 herb (via briefbox)
D: Greek book on Taoism (A, via Y)

N , P
quick chat in doorway, with N
D: 1 raspberry, 1 herb, 1 tea

* S & J (avail after 6)
Both were eating at sushi restaurant on West Blaak— sushi rolls shared
D: extra envelope and messenger zine
D: zine and note (G)
D: 2 herbs

brief chat and introduction in doorway
D: previous envelope
D: cushion and letter (M)
D: 1 plant root, 1 raspberry, 1 herb, 1 tea
P: 2 plumbs, 1 mango for 'whoever is hungry or looks like they could use some sugar'

Not home
D: Cushion (via envelope, briefbox)
D: 1 herb (via briefbox)

* O
Bumped into O and housemates on their corner
D: previous extra envelope
D: 1 plumb
D: 2 herbs

15 min chat~
shared Magnum ice cream and Fanta
D: Bow (A)(Because S deserved it after sharing ice cream on hot day)
D: purple plant(G&A)
D: 1 Herb, 1 tea, 1 seed

Not home
D: Thread (A) (via Briefbox)
D: 1 herb, 1 tea (via Briefbox)

Y, H, A
40 min chat?
shared cold water with icecubes
D: 2 tea, 2 herb, 2 plant root, 1 flower
D: 1 plumb
D: book for A (to Y, from A)
P: small plant (G and A, from Y)
P: Letter (H, for next person)
PN: extra envelopes H

brief chat in doorway
D: 1 herb, 1 tea
medical masks declined
plant roots declined
D: 1 mango
P: window exhibition flyers (4) (don't fold)

brief chat in doorway
D: 1 tea, 1 herb, 1 plant root
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)
PN: drawings (small)

Not home, housemate answered
D: 1 tea, 1 herb
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)

Not home
D: previous envelope
D: 1 herb (via briefbox)
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)

D: 1 tea, 1 herb, 1 seed
D: note (A)
D: green plant (G&A)
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)
P: plant (M)
P: pearl bracelet and tea (A)
P: zines (8, for people involved in exhibition)
P: stickers and envelope (G and A)
gives tea bag to T
* would prefer not to participate in cushion rotation, retains possession of pink cushion *

Messenger ran a red at Masshaven in front of a cop, chased down and ticketed. Messenger claimed to not know Dutch laws, was not successful.

Not home
D: Cushion and letter (via Briefbox)
D: 1 herb, 1 tea (via Briefbox)
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)

M (avail 11-12pm)
11:20 - 12:45
shared beers
D: Plant (C)
D: 1 tea, 1 herb, 2 plant root
D: medical mask (hidden in envelope)
M informed of C preference in regards to cushion rotation
PN: Letter (for C)
Messenger forgets plant (from Y to G&A) at Ms

MESSENGER too late to return to DISPATCH for drops

6th round 26 June Friday

* * A and G join Messenger for round * *

In Bag:
Plant roots (but turns out to be dead)
Window exhibition flyers (4)
rounds envelope (for all)

G & A
cheers to whiskey
T suggests to join for cycle, enthusiastic agreement
D: stickers and envelope (C)

N Not home, A suggests that its just her bell which hasn't been working this whole Te and suggests to knock instead

wait until M returns from market
shared tea, cookies, cold water, watched cushions films for exhibition
group photo
P: plants (but they turn out to be dead)
P: extra envelopes for C (not yet delivered)
P: letter (C)
M gives Cs address

Not home

To catch up Messenger(s) split up Charlois drops, envelopes passed while in-route

Drop by G, Not home

Drop by A, Not home
D: previous extra envelopes

Drop by T, Not home
D: cushions plus letter (via Briefbox)
Not home, A called, C is at cafe with S at Pleinweg 62
C and S are having beers with R(?) and another friend, invite us to join— bar overrun with loud, obnoxious white rednecks who continually tell us we are in the wrong place (with our bicycles), and who seem to be getting louder. Messenger(s) decide they would rather not stay.
D: zine (C, for S)
D: letter (M, for C)

brief chat on street
P: more window exhibition flyers (3, 7 total)

shared tea and cold water
Y teaches everyone Farsi
D: zine (C, for Y)
P: newspaper cushions (M)
D: extra blank envelopes (H)
P: letter for next person (H)
P: unglazed small pot (A, for a woman)
P: Grass seeds (Y)
D: window exhibition
PN: extra envelopes

begins light rain, thunder

Not home
D: zine (C) (via Briefbox)
D: pearls and tea (C) (via Briefbox)

Saw already at Pleinweg
D: zine (C)

Encountered A on street, S through window, brief chat
D: zine (C)
D: letter (H)
D: Grass seeds (Y)

Too late to ring (11:30)
D: window exhibition

Messenger(s) stop for beers and snacks at avondwinkel at corner of s'Gravensdijk and West Kruiskade, for the road

N , P
Lights off, decide not to ring
Messenger(s) drink beers and eat chips outside apartment on corner (12:00-12:30)
Messenger(s) rant against joint disgruntledness with white squattors, art institutions, architects, gentrifying 'housing cooperatives' and so-called 'makers and doers' (it will be noted that most conversations should be left out of the logbook, but this shall be an exception)
D: window exhibition (with note)

Messenger(s) arrive during, and interupt, end of a (bad) film screening in Publication Studio. It is discovered that C, who is making the exhibition website, lives with A. C will be added to the cycle. Y passes by and cushion confusion is reconciled. Beers and snacks shared among all the housemates in threshold of Publication Studio.
D: pottery cup (A)
D: window exhibition (F)
P: hand folded paper book cover (to be put over a book and returned)

Messenger(s) return to DISPATCH to make a dinner (no cultural appropriation this Te?) (its not just 'moroccan shakshouka')